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Trevor Antill created three guides which covers the whole of the route of the Monarch's Way. The guide books are only available through the contact address on the website Contact@monarchsway.50megs.com

The Monarch's Way Embroidered Badge is now available for sale. The cost is £3.00 when paying by Cheque and £3.40 when paying by Paypal.


The cost when buying a Monarch's Way Embroidered Badge at the same time as a guide book is a reduced rate of: £2.50 if paying by cheque per badge and £2.70 per badge if paying by paypal


Special Price Reduction on Trevor's Monarch's Way Guide Book Set all 3 for £23 including postage and packing.

New Revised 2016 Version of Book 2 Stratford_Upon_Avon to Charmouth only available from the Monarch's Way Association


Prices are 1 book 8.50, 2 books £16.20 and 3 books £23.00 (all prices include postage & packing using Royal mail second class)

Prices held even though Royal Mail have increased prices again from March 2018 as they do every year



These prices are for UK only sent using Royal Mail. 


 Additional Payment Method (Paypal).

We can now take payments using Paypal, please email for details of the web site link. This is slightly more expensive to cover Paypal's charges, however you will save the postage costs of sending a cheque to us and it is much quicker.

Price are; 1 book £8.75 for 2 Books £16.80  and for 3 Books £24

We aim to post within 1-2 days for Books paid for by Paypal.  


The map below shows the area covered by each of the guide books. For instance the green part of the route on the map is covered by Book 1, the yellow line by Book 2 and the red line by Book 3. These books contain detailed route information in addition to examples of places associated with King Charles escape from Cromwell.


Please email   Contact@monarchsway.50megs.com  For details of payment methods,  either by Paypal or by posting a cheque 

Book 1 - The Midlands

Worcester to Stratford-upon-Avon via Boscobel 180 miles (Revised 2017 Edition) only available from the Monarch's Way Association.

96 pages, 13 photographs and 20 maps. £7.95 (UK)

Book 2 - The Cotswolds, the Mendips and the Sea

The Monarch's Way. Book 2: Stratford-upon-Avon to Charmouth. 210 miles.

Revised Version 2016 ( Only available from the Monarch's Way Association 120 pages, 21 photographs and 23 maps. £7.95 (UK)

Book 3 - The South Coast, the Downs .... and Escape

The Monarch's Way. Book 3: Charmouth to Shoreham. 225 miles.

ISBN 1 869922 29 8. 136 pages, 21 photographs and 25 maps. £6.95 (UK)

These 3 books are available through the Contact@Monarchsway.50megs.com

The three books are only available from the web site.

Anyone ordering all three books through the web site will receive a discount. All three books for £23 including postage and packing (when paying by cheque).

These prices apply to the UK only.

Email Contact@monarchsway.50megs.com

The following Midlands area walking guides by Trevor Antill are also available from the web site.

RIDGES and VALLEYS: Walks in the Midlands £4.75 (UK)

I.E Cannock Chase, Wenlock Edge, Wyre Forest, Malvern Hills and Dales, plus 13 more walks varying between 3 miles and 20 miles, mostly around 6 Miles

90 pages and 18 different walks.


RIDGES and VALLEYS II: More Walks in the Midlands £4.75 (UK)
I.E Bewdley, Chadderley Corbett, Around The Wrekin, Worcester, Draycott Edge plus 13 more walks varying between 3 miles and 10 miles.

106 pages and 18 different walks

RIDGES and VALLEYS III: A Third Collection of Walks in the Midlands £4.75 (UK)I.E Cannock Chase, Malvern Hills, Kinver, Bridgnorth, Hanbury, plus 13 more walks varying between 5 miles and 21 miles.

All three Ridges and Valleys Books are available at a special reduced price of  £10.80 including postage

THE NAVIGATION WAY (with Peter Groves): A Hundred Mile Towpath Walk £4.50

Running from Birmingham to the Chasewater reservoir

This book also describes 10 circular canal-link walks varying between 3 miles and 9

The Monarch's Way Badge is now available for sale. The cost is £3.00 when paying by Cheque and £3.40 when paying by Paypal.

Page updated 10th June 2018