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Section 49 Mere to Hindon: Roger and Janet Lowe

On a wet cold morning on Thursday 21st November, minders of Section 49 Roger and Janet Lowe set off with Mervyn and Vivien King, and Mike Peach to carry Trevor's Boots the 6.5 miles from Mere to Hindon.

 Fortunately as the group left Mere, crossing arable fields on the outskirts of the town, the weather cheered up and they were treated to some good clear views of the Wiltshire Downs for the rest of the walk. After about an hour and a half of walking the edge of West Knoyle village was reached. This allowed the use of the churchyard where ample seating allowed a welcome brief coffee break to be taken !

It was here that Roger and Janet remembered Trevor telling the story that Sir Christopher Wren, who was renowned for his contribution to the rebuilding of much of London and in particular, St Paul's Cathedral after the Great Fire of 1666, was born in the neighbouring village of East Knoyle where his father was a rector.  

Soon leaving the churchyard, the group climbed up on the downland tops where virtually all the walking was along bridleways and old drove roads with commanding views in all directions.

Hindon was easily reached by lunchtime, however before any refreshments were taken, Trevor's Boot's were handed over to Meryvn and Vivien outside the Angel Inn (which was described as the Grosvenor Arms in Trevor's Guide Book 3). It will be Mervyn and Vivien who now have the responsibility for carrying Trevor's Boots over the sections from Hindon to Middle Woodford.  

Roger & Janet handing Trevor's Boots over to Mervyn & Vivien

Section 50 Hindon to Great Wishford: Mervyn And Vivien King

On Tuesday 17th December Mervyn, Vivien and Trevor's Boots boarded the 7.15 a.m service bus from their village of Zeal's to travel to Hindon for the start of Section 50. As it was so early in the morning and therefore dark at this time of year they had no idea what the weather would be like for their 13 mile walk, although the weather forecasters had promised a good day. The walk started at 7.30 and by 8.00 a.m the sun started appearing and by 9.00 a.m it was a lovely day.

When Mervyn walked this section with Trevor in July 2009, he also started extremely early, however that time the journey to Hindon was in Trevor's camervan! 

Section 50 consists mainly of Ox Drove and various byways, which basically means that it is usually a straight forward walk with little maintenance required. However this time Mervyn and Vivien encountered fallen trees on one of the Byways. They were able to clear 2 of the smaller trees, which left the rather larger tree which probably requires a chain saw for the local Council to attend to.

The walk continued through some beautiful Wiltshire countryside and as the weather was so prefect Mervyn and Vivien were really able to enjoy the scenary. The Day was uneventful as they walked along they counted 4 deer, 2 pheasants and 3 squirrels and a flock of sheep. The walk concluded at the Church of Great Wishford at approximately 2.00 p.m where the photograph across was taken in front of the Bread Stones. 

Section 51 Great Wishford to Middle Woodford: Mervyn And Vivien King
After the excitement of Christmas and the New Year, the misery of the inclement weather and even one aborted attempt, Trevor's Boots were again on the move Courtesy of Mervyn and Vivien King. They were greeted on Tuesday 21st January by a very beautiful but frosty morning. Leaving their village they proceeded to the start of section 51 which 41/2 miles. Trevor's wrote in Book 3 "this section has been kept short as the walking is across some of Wiltshire's finest downland on good tracks and paths with outstanding views.

On their arrival in Stoford the River Wylye was found to be very swollen, with its banks broken in many places. Unfortunately the day had turned very foggy but the walk was started at 9.30 a.m. The paths, byways and tracks were in good condition with all the Monarch's way signs equally so.

On arrrival at the spot where usually a good view of Salisbury Cathedral is found, Mervyn and Vivien were dissapointed to find the view was still under a blanket of fog. However in the same spot was a beautifully carved bench. The bench was sadly in memory of a young man aged only 23. The inscription read "walk with Joy". 

Later Mervyn And Vivien were soon in Middle Woodford where they found the River Avon flowing very rapidly also having broken its banks in many places.
Section 52 Middle Woodford to Middle Winterslow: John Hawkins

After Days and days of really very bad walking conditions with heavy rain and storm force winds, John Hawkins set out with Trevors Boots. He met up with Mervyn King and the picture across shows: 


The handover of Trevor's Boots to John Hawkins took place at the Church

Section 53 Middle Winterslow to Mottisfont: Brian Giles

On Sunday 16th February John Hawkins handed over Trevor's Boots to Brian Giles at 10.30 am. This took place at the "tiny green and bench seat" mentioned in Trevor's guide book. This was the day after Southern England was battered by most ferocious gales and winds. In addition the area has suffered the most appalling weather and flooding almost continually since christmas, however the weather for the walk was pleasantly warm, calm and dry, perfect for walking.


There were 3 walkers all of whom were Romsey Ramblers. These were Brian who was to walk as much of the section as posible today, Brian's wife Pat was back up in the car (meeting at various road crossings and refreshment points) and a mutual friend Valerie. The group were soon on their way and suprisingly they found the first part was not too bad or very muddy. At Buckholt farm Valerie left the walk and joined Pat in the car. The group were to rejoin at the "Tally Ho" pub at Broughton for lunch. Brian continued and found seven large trees blown down right across the path, requiring climbing over, crawling through to maintain progress.

After lunch Valerie rejoined Brian and they both climbed over the 8th fallen tree continuing as far as Houghton. Houghton is where the path crosses the River Test and its adjoining rivulets. Trevor always had his picnic lunch here just beside the bridge and Brian remembered joining him on a couple of ocasions. Unfortunately the river was far too swollen to be able to do that today, so Brian changed into his wellington boots. The main footbridge over the river were crossed sucessfuly, however most of the smaller bridges and footpaths were lost in deep water, so the wellington boots were really needed.


On the other side of the River Test, "The Monarch's Way" follows the "Test Way" on a disused railway, this was previously known as the "Sprat and Wrinkle Line". All along this part were vast views of flooded meadows. Brian met Pat and Valerie at Horsebridge (which was the only road crossing along this part of the route) where a welcome drink and chocolate bar were taken. Continuing along the old track there were three more fallen trees 9,10 and 11. Nest the "Way" re-crosses the River Test at a fine bridge, however on the other side the water meadows and flood plain were impassable, so at 4.45 in the afternoon Brian phoned for his lift home.      

Flooding across the Water Meadows

Tuesday 18th. February, 2014 Section 53 Continued.


A fine afternoon, so Pat able to give Brian a lift to the other side of the flooded water meadows that he was unable to cross the previous Sunday. He was then able to walk the one mile to Mottisfont Church, unfortunately it was very wet again and Brian remarked he should has worn his wellington boots again. Brian had to miss out 1/3 of a mile as the water was just too deep. I am sure that Trevor would have understood.

Section 54 Mottisfont to Hursley: Brian Giles

Friday 21st February and Brian Giles is on the move with Trevor's Boots once again.This morning he had fine weather, being accompanied by Mike Arney, who is Romsey Ramblers footpath secretary. (He is on the right on the photograph of Mottisfont Church). Car backup this time was Pat accompanied by Mike's wife Audrey. At 10.00 am they set off, this time with wellingtons as the route would be very wet around the soon to be crossed River Dun. After the crossing the wellingtons were exchanged at a Annie's Tea Rooms for normal walking boots. The next river crossing was by road and so all was well, the road continues rising up to Michelmersh Church. The route became wet and muddy again in places as it passed through muddy fields. Although dry farm tracks and country lanes were used to Braishfield, where lunch was taken at the "Wheatsheaf".

After a luch around 2.30 pm the relay continued along easy country lanes to Lower Slackstead. Through Ampfield Wood there were a further 5 fallen trees, taking the total to 16. The section was finished at 4.30 at Hursley Church where the backup team were waiting.      

Section 55 Hursley to Owslebury: Brian Giles standing in for Alan Marlow

On Saturday 22nd February, Brian continued his excellent support of The Monarch's Way Boot Relay by carrying Trevors Boots along section 55. It was another bright sunny and cool February morning, just perfect for walking. Brian was given a lift to Hursley Church, so he could set off on his own to walk the 3 miles to Shawford via the hamlet of Silkstead, Compton and Shawford Down.



On Saturday 1st March, having previously left a car at Owslebury Brian and Valerie from the Romsey Ramblers set off from Shawford to Twyford to pick up Andy Hayes (Section 56 minder). Along the way in the valley of the River Itchen they saw many signs of recent flooding, with sand bagging, temorary piping/ pumping and silt on the roads.


 The group now comprising Brian, Valerie, Andy Hayes and his Wife Angela continue towards Owslebury. Continuing along the road, they encountered more minor areas of flooding, eventually the road was left to rise higher in the valley. This was much drier, although not completely dry, with one area of road flooding to cross. Arriving at Owslebury a pretty village on higher ground above the Itchen valley, the official handover of Trevor's Boots took place to Andy for their onward journey.       

Section 56 Owslebury to Warnford: Andy Hayes
Andy set off from Owslbury on Sunday the 8th March  with Trevor's Boots attached to his rucksack, accompanied by Audrey, Chris, David and Andrew Street from the Waltham Ramblers in glorious sunshine for the 11.5 miles to Warnford. Chris being the Minder who will carry Trevor's Boots along the next section 57. All went very well for the party as thye made their way Upham, however on the edge of the parisha river was encountered where none had been before, the whole of the valley had been transformed. They waded across safely and continued to Stephens Castle Down where a drink was taken with lovely views.   

The route continued into the valley where Dean Lane, for a change was flooded,as the next detination was Preshaw they valiantly plundered through the water eventually leaving it behind to enter the Preshaw estate. Lunch was taken on a sunny bank and soon Wind Farm was reached where the South Downs Way was joined. This took the party to the ancient village of Lomer and on to Beacon hill, here The Monarch's way leaves the SDW and descends to give magnificant views towards Old Winchester Hill.

At Wheeley Down Farm a lane was joined which took them to Warnford. Here Trevor's Boots were handed over to Chris Judd outside the George and Falcon for their onward and ever closer journey to Shoreham.  


updated 20th March 2014