Oak Apple Day 29th May 2012 Worcester Guild Hall
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Oak Apple Day commemorates the return of King Charles (II) to the throne of England from exile in France

Discover History organises an exhibition of local heritage attractions, sites and organisations linked to the English Civil Wars 1642 -1651. The event takes place on "Oak Apple Day" which has been celebrated since 1660 to welcome back Britain's Monarchy after the period of Cromwell's republic. The 29th May being King Charles (II) birthday and the day he triumphally rode into London on his return.

The Monarch's Way Association represented by Margaret Antill and assisted by several Minders and friends had a display in this exhibition.

This is the Guild Hall Worcester with the entrance decorated with Oak Leaves

The poster outside the Guild Hall for the Exhibition

Margaret at The Monarch's Way exhibition stall and very good it looked too. 

A closeup of The Monarch's Way display boards and  Trevor's Guide Books.

The display created good interest and we had several appreciative visitors.

Margaret explaining the history of The Monarch's Way Association using the Archive Volumes

A view of the magnificent exhibition hall showing the other exhibitions  

Entertainment in the Guild Hall

The entertainment continued outside to create interest for the Exhibition



My appreciation for these photographs goes to Anne