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Section 57 Warnford to Hambledon: Chris Judd

Chris's chosen day for this section Sunday 16th March was forecast to be the hottest day of the year and indeed it was. The walk started in Warnford with the long climb up Old Winchester Hill. The reward was stupendous 360 degree views on the clear early Spring Day. The next part of the route involved a fairly steep field which is best traversed by zig-zaging down it.

After a couple more short mounds, the South Downs Way was met, this climbs up to the renowned "Bat & Ball" public house between Clanfield and Hambledon. Here the group met Stuart Blackburne who accompanied them on the final leg over Broadhalfpenny Down.  

The picture below shows Stuart (Section 58 Minder) and Chris (section 57 Minder) discussing tactics for the rest of the day.


A small diversion was required by part of the group with a Border Collie (Eddie) through the farmyard which contained a herd of cows. (This is a very sensible action and avoids any potential problems).


The way continues down into Hambledon where following several weeks of rain the main street showed significant signs of being affected by a considerable torrent, the locals were just starting to recover the 2000 sandbags which had been used. The boots were then handed officially to Stuart who was going to embark of his section to Horndean immediately.   

Section 58 Hambledon to Rowlands Castle: Stuart Blackburne

Stuart was suprised to find that Hambledon was bone dry on the 16th March as he set out along his section with Trevor's Boots. Especially after the permanent flooding of the previous month, even the pumping equpment had been dismantled. Unfortunately Hambledon has changed since Trevor wrote his Guide Books, the George Hotel is now George House a set of apartments. The only remaining hosteley is the "Vine" where Stuart had a quick half to set him up for the walk home.


Stuart remarked that although the climb out of Hambledon is steep, there is a bench with fine views at the top of the final hill. The route then meandered over dry farmland and Stuart only encountered one fallen tree which was easily walked around. After the welcome bench the way drops down over ploughed farmland to Lovedean and the "Bird in Hand", another fine pub frequented by walkers.

A short steep climb out of Lovedean leads past a series of horse paddocks near Meadowdown Farm. Stuart continued past the housing of Horndean to the A3 where he caught a bus home for tea. (fortunately the buses do run on Sundays).


On Wednesday 19th March Stuart took the first "free" bus of the day back to Horndean to complete his section and also to meet up with John Morrison who would accompany him that day.  They continued through the industrial areas, then dry woodlands and meadows lead to a golf course and the outskirts of Rowland's Castle. The "Castle Inn" marks the end of Hampshire and Stuart's Section.   

Section 59 Rowlands Castle to West Dean: Stuart Blackburne & John Morrison

On Wednesday 19th March, Stuart continued walking with John Morrison to carry Trevor's Boots along the section to West Dean. They had a half for elevenses to set themselves up for the day, then setting out on th first of the West Sussex sections. On entering Stanstead Forest they encountered a fallen tree, but other walkers had allready made a way round it. (This was the only fallen tree of the day).

As it was early in the year the grass up the avenue was short so good time was made up to Stanstead House and then along the dry farm tracks to Walderton. The next part was through fields of rape to Stoughton. As an amateur "Bee Keeper" John is not keen on fields of rape as Bee's are addicted to rape flowers, but unfortunately this produces very hard honey of a very poor quality.

At Stoughton they stopped for lunch at the "Hare and Hound" a gastropub that has a good real ales. It was very pleasant in the sun, with other walkers dining and passing by. After lunch and the long steady farm track up Stoughton Down, they managed to contact John, the Minder for the next section (60), arranging to meet at West Dean. Continuing downhill through woodland, before a final climb over Warren Down and a final descent through woodland to the finish of this section at West Dean.

Only a few minutes passed at the former "Selsey Arms" now "The Dean" before John arrived, managing to conclude his meeting early. After a few celebratory drinks, John M had to leave, but not before a final photograph.  

"Its over to you John say Stuart & John M."  


Section 60 West Dean to Houghton: John T O’Halloran

The Boots have left The West Dean section and are now with John Morrisson, without whom John could not have completed the walk to Houghton. John has the Boots that were almost full of hailstones at the end of the walk, which could have ruined their celebratory beer!


The journey continues Onwards and Eastwards.


The Picture across shows John H handing Trevor's Boots to John M.  

Section 61 Houghton to Findon : John Morrison

John Morrison acted as a very valuable support for several of the previous sections, he had a very enjoyable walk with Stuart Blackburne on the second half of Section 59 and then he walked with John O’Halloran for the second half of Section 60 – from Eartham to Houghton. Once again, the good company of John O'H and his wife, brought about an excellent morning.


At the George and Dragon, Houghton the boots handover took place seconds before a hammering of hail stones filled Trevor's boots. A very stormy start to John Morrisons period of responsibility for the boot relay through Section 61 to Findon. Minders of Section 62 – Nina and Peter May - walked with John for the entire route and his wife joined the group of walkers for the first half of the section from Houghton to Arundel. They were blessed with lovely weather, a good path and no obstacles. West Sussex County Council have been busy along the entire section replacing signposts and along the road sections they have also put in a variety of new street “furniture”. As a result John ran out of Monarch’s Way stickers and will need to revisit the second half of the section to provide adequate signage. Nina and Peter thought it was a lovely stretch of countryside and were happy for John to accompany them on their Section. A handover photograph was  taken outside The Gun Inn. Unfortunately the bus to Worthing arrived within moments and so the refreshment break was postponed until they  reached the coast.

Section 62 Findon to Upper Beeding : Nina & Peter May

Nina and Peter completed the Findon to Upper Breeding section on Monday 31st March. They had decided on that date and agreed to walk with two other friends and once again with John Morrison who is the Minder of the previous section. It was a rainy day but they decide to go anyway. The walk was very enjoyable although the usual beautiful views were not forthcoming.

The group ended the walk at the Kings Head in Upper Breeding where they all had a very pleasant lunch completed by a welcome glass of ale.

Trevor's Boots were handed over to Colin Brooks on Monday 14th April, a very different day. The sun shone and the views were fantastic as they joined Colin for the first part of the walk.


Nina handing Trevor's Boots to Colin Brooks

Section 63 Upper Beeding to Brighton : Colin Brooks
The picture says it all - Trevor's Boot arrive at Brighton Palace Pier ready for the 17th May Celebration

updated 2nd October 2014