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Brian Gould is an End to Ender the 51st person to complete the Monarch's Way Route

Brian receiving his End to End Certificate in addition to a Certificate for completion of Book 2. This took place in Winford at the end of Section 31 Abbots Leigh to Winford.

Congratulations and Well done Brian !




The Village Pond-Compton Martin. Three "End to Enders" L to R. Martin Fewings, Margaret Hammett , Brian Bourner.

Lee the fastest Male End to Ender to follow the Gold Standard route at 16 days and 9 hours

David & Lynn Ball  sat on Trevor's Memorial Bench at the end of the Monarch's Way with End to End Certificates

The Monarch's Way
'End to End'
(Completed at least 615 Miles)


Trevor Antill (Halesowen) 9 times

Alison Barsby (Kidderminster, Worcs.)

Ray Boswell (Stourport, Worcs.)

Brian Bourner (Bristol)

Chris Bowers (Droitwich, Worcs.)

John Bridge (Harborne, Birmingham)

Arthur Briley (Swansea)

Myrtle Briley (Swansea)

Hugh Buttress (Kidderminster, Worcs.)

Chris Cheverst (Surrey)

Joseph 'Curley' Downing (Wolverhampton)

Gwen Evans (Hagley, Worcs.)

Horace Evans (Hagley, Worcs.)

David Farrier (Malvern, Worcs.)

Doreen Farrier (Malvern, Worcs.)

Martin Fewings (Bristol)

Jeff Garfield (Droitwich, Worcs.)

Monica Garfield (Droitwich, Worcs.)

Roger Gayler (Ombersley, Worcs.)

Anne Goodyer (Hankerton, Wilts.)

Mike Goodyer (Hankerton, Wilts.)

Robert Goodyer (Hankerton, Wilts.)

Margaret Hammett (Bristol)

Anne Haynes (Aldridge, West Mids.)

Brian Hazelwood (Bromsgrove, Worcs.)

Irene Hazelwood (Bromsgrove, Worcs.)

Peter Holland (Hankerton, Wilts.)

John Hornsey (West Sussex)

Lizzy Hornsey (West Sussex)

Tony Hudson (Bristol)

Margaret Hunt (Bromsgrove, Worcs.)

Brenda Luck (Brewood, Staffs)

Derek Marks (Tenbury Wells, Worcs.)

Janet Marks (Tenbury Wells, Worcs.)

Tony Parsons

Mary Payne (Kidderminster, Worcs.)

John Perry (Droitwich, Worcs.)

Margaret Ridley (Ely, Cambs.)

Mollie Sanders (Aldridge, West Mids.)

Derek Starkey (Malvern, Worcs.)

Sandra Starkey (Malvern, Worcs.)

Jenny Wadsworth (Worcester)

Mike Wallace (East Sussex)

Sarah Wallace (East Sussex)

Di Watson (Droitwich, Worcs.)

David Wearing (Caversham, Berkshire)

John Wills (Handsworth Wood, Birmingham.)

Tony Wilson (Cambridge)

Ruth Griffiths 49(Rotherham)

Terry Griffiths 50 (Rotherham)

Brian Gould 51 (Merriott)

Margot Birkbeck 52 ()

Margaret Goodall 53 (Oxford)

Margaret Wasdell 54 (London)

Richard Horton 55 (Worcestershire)

Lynne Horton 56 (Worcestershire)

Peter Moore 57 (Dorset)

Tim Harley 58 (Dorset)

Laurie Fairhurst 59 (Dorset)

Kim Billingham 60 (Northampton)

Chris Billinghurst 61 (East Harptree)

David Ball 62 (Shoreham)

Lyn Ball 63 (Shoreham)

Jean Tennant 64(Gloucestershire)

John Tennant 65 (Gloucestershire)

Jonathon Tinkler 66 (Hampshire)

Alan Rodgman 67 (Bristol)

Mary Rodgman 68 (Bristol)

Janet Lowe 69 (Wincanton)

Roger Lowe 70 (Wincanton )

Anne Sherbourne 71 (Bristol)

Stephen Sherbourne 72(Bristol

Anne Roberts 73 (Willenhall)

Marie Turner 74 (Willenhall)

Eleanor Sprawson 75 (London)

Diana Gair 76 (West Midlands)

Alastair Ainsworth 77 (Shropshire)

Lee-Stuart Evans 78 (Surrey) 16 days and 9 hours Gold Standard Route

Oriol Antoli Sarrau (79) Catalan (Ultra Running) 

 (Chris) Joon Kiat Yeo (80)  (Ultra Running)

Stephen Brown (81) (Ultra Running)

Kate Bather 82 (West Sussex)

Stephen Bather 83 West Sussex

Tricia 84 (Surrey)

Mike Cooke 85
Val Cooke 86

Peter Ibison 87 (West Midlands)

Linda Hartley  (88)

John Hartley  (89)

Ken Barry  (90)

Rita Barry  (91)

Michael Ley  (92)

Wendy Ley  (93)

Pamela Danvers 94 (London)

John stocker (95) ( Ultra Running )

Jon Rowles (96) ( Ultra Running )

Bob Wild (97) ( Ultra Running )
Ellen Cottom (98) ( Ultra Running )
Peter Bengtsson (99) ( Ultra Running)

Janet Barker (100) Lincolnshire

Tony Barker (101) Lincolnshire

Stuart Blackburne(102) Hampshire

Richard Aust (103) Bromsgrove

Jack Devonport (104) Shoreham Sussex

Vic Izzy Owens (105) 13 days 13 hours Gold Standard Route

Kieran Faul (106) Surrey

Mark Thompson (107) ( Ultra Running Route Record Time 11 days 7 hours 53 minutes )











If you too have completed at least 615 miles but have not told us; then please email us NOW!

Updated 13th October 2020