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We do not currently have any sections available for minding. 

If you are interested in becoming involved with The Monarch's Way Association then please email: Contact@monarchsway.50megs.com 


  Minder Duties


Minders usually undertake at least an bi-annual walk of their section, although many do so more frequently. Minders check the condition of the path, the state of the furniture (stiles etc.) They check the condition of way marking and any missing or damaged Black and White and Gold way marking stickers should be replaced. It is also required to ensure that way marking is not becoming covered by vegetation, which will help walkers making their way along the route.

To contact the Monarch's Way Association please email: Contact@monarchsway.50megs.com

The Monarch's Way is over 625 miles in length and is split into 64 sections each of which is looked after by Minder(s).



Updated 3rd September 2017