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Welcome to one of the most exciting stories about a Monarch King Charles II and one of the best and varied, walks in British History.


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Stop Press Trevor Antill's Boot Relay 17th May Celebration  

Trevor's boots have now been successfully carried to Brighton's Palace Pier.

They are now ready for the Final Section Celebration on the 17th May on Brighton sea front

We are having a Final celebration day when Trevor's Boots are carried on the last section of The Monarch's Way which is from Brighton into Shoreham (a distance of around 5 miles). This is on the 17th May 2014. All are welcome !!!!!  

We will be joined on the day by foot soldiers of Sir William Wallers Lifeguard of Horse and  Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote in 17th Centuary costume.

Anyone can join the walk which will start at 1.00 P.M from Palace Pier Brighton GR 313038 and finish at the East Breakwater, Shoreham Harbour GR 237046. Walkers can also if they wish join a group of Monarch's Way Association members walking from the area around the Carat Cafe near to the East Breakwater to meet the main group carrying Trevor's Boots. 

More details to follow.

As a token of their respect for Trevor, the Minders of the Monarch's Way Association have nearly completed  carrying Trevor's Boots for one last time along the full length of the Monarch's Way. Trevor Antill the creator of the Monarch's Way and founder of the Monarch's Way Association, died unexpectedly on Sunday, 29th August 2010. Trevor is a huge loss not only to his family but also to the walking fraternity.

As would have been his wish, the work on the Monarch's Way continues through the team of Minders and Association members. The ultimate aim is to see the Monarch's Way designated as a National Trail. Caring for the route and promoting it will be a fit testimonial to Trevor.

The Story

The escape of Charles II after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

For six exciting weeks, and hotly pursued by the Parliamentary forces under Oliver Cromwell, he travelled first north towards Wales, then south through the Cotswolds and the Mendips to the South Coast, and finally along the South Downs to Shoreham where he made his escape to France.

Loyally supported by his followers, many at great risk to their own lives, he was given shelter in places both great and humble, many of which still exist today.

The Monarch's Way logo below represents the Royal Oak tree at Boscobel (in which the King famously hid with Colonel Carless); the Prince of Wales crown; and the ship 'The Surprise' on which Charles eventually escaped to France.

           The logo also forms the basis of the waymarks which sign the Way throughout its  historic 615 mile length.

The Walk

This long distance walk (615 miles) using footpaths and bridleways closely follows the route taken by Charles and enables you to visit many historic sites and buildings, maybe only previously known to you through the history books. It also takes you through two World Heritage Sites, one National Park and six Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty plus some of the finest scenery in western and southern England.

The walk is waymarked and is shown on the latest editions of the Ordnance Survey's Landranger and Explorer maps. The route is described in detail in three books by Trevor Antill, published by Meridian Books. Each book is divided into sections so enabling you to pick out suitable day walks if you are not intending to follow the complete route. - More information is available on other pages.

'Walk a day, live a week' (Old French proverb) Good Walking !

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